ON MACABIM, a company of The Judean Desert Herbs Group is a leading manufacturer of advanced products for skin health and cosmetics.

Our laboratories integrate research and technology to ancient knowledge, manufacturing products with the highest international standards. The excellence of the manufacturing laboratory resides in the joining of past and future, nature and science, tradition and innovation, combining formulas which include herbs from the Judean Desert, concentrates and oils with a modern technological approach as Biotechnology and Nano technology. We utilize raw materials of the finest quality approved by the highest world standards. All our products undergo meticulous tests in clinics and are approved by the Israel Ministry of Health and possess international and local permits for each country.

The sum of all these factors delivers products which exceed all competition. Areas of specialization of the laboratory We specialize in providing a response to acute problems in the area of para-medical cosmetics, facial treatments, body treatments, foot treatments and treatments for hair loss. We can also provide solutions to different types of skin ailments as acne, pigmentation, cellulite and stretch marks and revolutionary anti-aging treatments.